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Your Body Changes After 40, and The Changes Do Come On Suddenly

Pelvic Floor

You start to experience belly bulging or leaking when you laugh, cough, or sneeze, nagging low back pain, and painful sex - All symptoms of Core and Pelvic Floor dysfunction. You don’t need to suffer and continue to live with these symptoms, you just need to rebuild and restore your core and pelvic floor, because these symptoms are not going away on their own. Unless you do something about the strength and condition of your pelvic floor, it will only get worse and lead to more serious symptoms such as prolapse (something that 1 in 2 women will experience in her lifetime). 

Can you relate to the following changes?

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You are starting to look and feel softer. Where did all this excess belly fat come from all of a sudden? 

Naturally, especially as women, we start to lose muscle mass every year and start to store fat easily. To effectively combat this, you need to strength train. What worked in your 20s is not going to work at this age. You need to work with your body at this stage in life to be successful in building muscle and losing fat. 

Losing Muscle Mass

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Losing Balance

Certain movements are just more challenging than they used to be. While you are losing muscle and your core is not strong, you will naturally lose your balance as well. When you are losing balance you are at risk of losing control of your movements which set the stage for falls and injury. 

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Losing Bone Density/Osteoperosis

Same as your muscles, your bones weaken as you age, and this puts you in a fragile position. Losing muscle, balance, and bone density will make a fall devastating and completely change the quality of your life and you become more dependent on others. As mothers, grandmothers, and caretakers, this is NOT a risk we are willing to take. 

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Heart Health

Heart disease is the number one killer in women over 40, even more than breast cancer. Your cardiovascular health needs to be prioritized. Click here for some tips to improve your heart health provided by Ola Ka Ola's in-house Dietitian-Nutritionist 

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You are starting to feel stiffer, you have more aches and pains, and cannot move the way you used to. Maybe you cannot even get up off the ground without using any assistance. Not having flexibility is painful and slows you down. 

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It’s common to feel depressed as you are experiencing all these changes and feel no control over all these changes. Your energy levels are not what they used to be and everything just feels harder. 

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No Wonder You Feel Lost and We Have Good News For You!

These are some serious issues you face that happen so suddenly and at the same time. It’s no wonder you feel lost and don’t know what to do. 

The good news is your solution is all in one place and it is one solution. We combat ALL these changes in your body with specific strength training for women over 40. This means all the training is incorporating what your body needs now, what is going to work with your body now, and what is going to give you control over what is happening with your body now.


Learning how to properly train your core and pelvic floor! This is very empowering and you incorporate it in all parts of your life. You can rebuild and restore effectively with a whole body approach with just a single 30-minute session a week with the Core & Pelvic Floor Restore Program


Strength training is a must and addresses; muscle loss, fat loss, balance, and flexibility. All incorporated in one training to save you what is most important, your time! All the techniques you learn in the Core & Pelvic Floor classes you use in your strength training. 


Heart health is addressed in our Cardio and HIIT classes which also include balance and flexibility so you know you are always getting the most out of your classes. 


You don’t know how to do strength training? Learn how to safely and effectively do this by following the perfect beginner program LET’S START, a clear easy guide to follow at your own pace. A safe place to get comfortable and confident on your journey. 


If you are confident in your movements and don’t need a beginner’s guide/program, you can explore all the intermediate and advanced training that covers every category. Our trainers are always ready to guide you in YOUR perfect Start and even give you a tailored plan to follow.


You know all too well what is changing in your body and the struggles you feel, now you know exactly how to combat this to live strong and not be limited by what you can do. 

Take back control! 


See you in class! 

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