Due to High Demand We Continue to Celebrate our Anniversary with our Limited-Time Offer

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Why us? We are the MOST PERSONELIZED solution and the ONLY solution that is COMPLETELY dedicated for women over 40's needs.

We have decided to offer our limited plan, so you can get a better understanding why we are different:


  • Get access to up to 3 weekly live sessions

  • Unlimited access to the on-demand library

  • Receive a welcome gift from us (surprise!) 

"One of the most amazing platforms on the planet, tailored for women over 40. I joined in 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic as I wanted to become healthier. I just love the instructors and the community.” Alcina 

We focus on the natural treatment for health conditions unique to women over 40. 

  • Pelvic Floor & Core restore

  • Peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms relief

  • Muscle, bone and joint flexibility and strength

  • Posture and balance stability

  • Stress relief and relaxation

  • Healthy eating specified for women over 40

  • All included in just ONE place


"Ola ka Ola has been such a turning point in my life. I’ve become part of a great group of strong women who genuinely care about each other. The support system from the trainers to the nutritionist and the fellow members is incredible. No one judges you, you work at your own pace. We share stories, we share memories. This is not a cookie cutter group, it’s an individual group where we all work at our own pace for the same goal - to feel better about ourselves and to be healthy. It’s not only healthy on the outside it’s healthy on the inside. Your mind, your body, your soul. I think everyone should join the program."


"I originally joined Ola Ka Ola because I liked the fact that it has more than traditional classes, but it also offers other programs. I have had the opportunity to get individualized instruction from some of the great trainers, an opportunity to meet one on one with a nutritionist and get information tailored to me and my needs, and just as importantly, I learned that there’s a whole community of women that are part of the program. like-minded women who are very supportive of each other, I hope you'll have an opportunity to check it out and join us for a class."