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The One Pose That Will Reduce Your Waistline

Pilates instructor and Trainer, Lisa Wellington , has planked across the world. She’s been doing it for so long that people now expect to see a plank picture in all her adventures.

Why Plank? Because Planks work your entire body requiring your legs, arms, and abs, while also improving flexibility. A plank is the most popular exercises (pose) in Pilates & Yoga, and you will find it in all of Lisa’s classes.

The plank benefits include improving your posture, reducing belly fat, providing flexibility, strengthening the core by utilizing all muscles, and reducing back pain. When Lisa began practicing Pilates over 10 years ago, the first benefit she noticed from the class and performing planks was the decrease in her waistline.

A one-minute plank is a great goal! Doing more than a 1 min plank at a time has its disadvantage’s, keeping form is one.

Performing three 1-min planks is better than a holding a 3-min plank.

If building a sculpted middle is your goal, planks are the most important ingredient in your ab routine. They activate the core muscles better than other ab exercises that solely target the core, according to a May 2011 study in ​Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise​.

Planks recruit the rectus abdominis — those deep muscles in the abdominals which are responsible for that six-pack.

This isometric exercise also strengthens the transverse abdominis — the deepest layer of abdominal muscles that are responsible for spinal stability — and the obliques, the ab muscles that help with rotation.

And because the plank recruits your entire core, it targets your lower back and hips, too. With daily planking, you'll build the core strength to support your spine and help prevent back pain and tight hip flexors. You'll also experience better balance because an engaged core helps you stand taller and maintain good posture.


About trainer Lisa Wellington

Lisa has over 12 years as a health and wellness professional with an emphasis on personal training, Pilates, and program design. Lisa is an AFAA certified personal trainer and holds certifications as a P90x coach, Pilates Instructor, and Group Fitness Instructor. Lisa’s Pilates training has influenced how she trains her clients on the fitness floor, focusing on body awareness, core strength, breathing, alignment, posture, and corrective exercises. She is dedicated to helping others make the necessary changes for a lifetime of wellness.

Interests & Achievements: Iron Girl and Gillie Girl Triathlons, Corning Half Marathon, Fitbodies Pro Instructor, Ola Ka Ola online Fitness Instructor - rated top 6 instructors for Ola Ka Ola - International virtual fitness platform.

Lisa Completed courses in Integrated Balance Training, Functional Programming for the female client, The female physique: The Female Glute Relocation Program, Understanding the Female Pelvic Core Neuromuscular System


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