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5 Things That set us Apart From Other Solutions

1. Our Solution is Made to Last a Lifetime

How many times have you tried to get in shape and to stay consistent?

We all have been there and we are aware of the challenges you are facing: Going to the gym or the studio probably takes too much time and costs too much money. Joining Peloton, Beachbody and other solutions is not sustainable because you are doing it on your own without the personal touch and with people you can not relate to. We thought very carefully how to solve those challenges and how you can succeed in your journey.


Our trainings are interactive and fun! This is why our members join us and stay for years. We provide you with short, fun and easy to follow classes and programs with like-minded women. You get to talk with everyone, get familiar with our team, and with all the other members. We all keep you accountable so you will stay consistent and finally succeed in sticking with a plan for years to come! There is always something new and exciting in our community!

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2. Designed for the Specific Needs of Women Over 40

What worked when you were 20 is not how you do it after 40. We provide you with tools and guidance on how to take care of the specific needs of your body, including how to strengthen your pelvic floor, lift weights, work on your balance, fight your peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms through fitness, healthy challenges that will make you feel so much better, and so much more! Everything we do is related to what we've been going through and how we can take care of the changes in our body.  There is no program like that out there.

3. The Ola Ka Ola Method is Designed by Experts With Years of Industry Experience 

Our Core specialist, an awarded-winning dietitian-nutritionist, a US champion in gymnastics, an Exercise Physiologist, and our professional team of trainers will provide you with invaluable insights and keep you informed of the latest trends. Their wealth of experience will help you understand how to do things differently. 

Every live class or on-demand video that they do; Every nutrition session, or fun event that they host, is designed with YOU in mind. We’re on a mission to make it easy and enjoyable for you to live a healthier life.

4. Our Workout Routine Keeps You Safe

Ola Ka Ola provides you with support 24/7. We are not just saying that, we are promising you that. Our trainers are aware of your specific medical issues and will make sure you receive the appropriate support during and after class. This close connection has fostered so many friendships as well as a community built on support and care for one another.

5. We are Really Here With You, you Won't Find Anything Like That 

We are giving you the real experience with real connections. Watch this video to understand what we are NOT and what we really are. You will become part of this magic. 

You receive close guidance from your trainers. Not only we are there for you in real time live trainings throughout the day, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, need extra guidance - out team and even our community of women just like you are here to help you.

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