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Strength Training to Prevent and Reverse The progressive Loss of Your Muscle Mass

Strength and Core Training

Designed to strengthen your body and to keep it strong

Strength and Core Training Classes

Proven techniques to strengthen every muscle in your body

  • Live classes from 6 am EST to 9 pm EST

  • You can communicate with the instructors and the other members during class (you can't do it anywhere else)

  • On demand library of thousands of sessions (every class is recorded and is being uploaded to our library)

  • You can join a full body session or more specific sessions that target areas like: Arms & ABS, Booty, Core, Leg

  • From beginners to intermediates


Core & Pelvic Floor Restore Program

Expert-proven technique to manage and reverse your pelvic floor dysfunction

Pelvic Floor Restore Program

Your benefits from The Core & Pelvic Floor Restore Program:

  • Leave your house without looking for a bathroom nearby

  • Enjoy long walks and exercise regularly 

  • Enjoy sexual intimacy

  •  Never again use incontinence pads

  • Increase the quality of life while saving time and money

  • Become both physically and mentally healthy 

We Also Offer Special Programs


Hi, I'm Aggy, one of your Ola Ka Ola instructors. I'm inviting you to contact me with any questions you have. Add your phone number and I will call you and explain to you why our program is different than any other program you know and why with us you will stay consistent. 

I will contact you soon, thank you!

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