You've Reached The Age Where Your Body Needs You


The unique combination of vitamins and exercise designed to meet the needs of women over 40. It is not a program, it is a way of life.

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“I like looking in the mirror. I like buying clothes. I like flexing my muscles. I have never felt as good as I feel now”. (Linda, Ola Ka Ola member)

What Worked In Your 20s Wouldn’t Work In Your 40s & Beyond
This is The Expert-Recommended Proven Program to Looking Your Most Beautiful After 40:

 Nutritionist-Approved Women's Multivitamins

Women's Multivitamins

It Feels Doable!
Finally a workout routine you can stick with

A Like-Minded Community of Women

Community of Women

For your optimal body function, immune system, hair, skin, nails and hormone balance

30-minute group sessions with continuous guidance from your instructors

The fact that you are not alone is the reason you'll succeed. You enter a room with happy women who support you in your journey

We Really Care About Our Members. It’s Like A Family
We Promise That You Won't Find Anything Like This Anywhere Else

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60% OFF for your first 3 months
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End of Summer Sale


This Is How Your Day Looks With Ola Ka Ola

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Take two Capsules of Our All Natural Multivitamins 

Designed to meet the unique needs of women over 40. This formulation, developed by an award-winning Dietitian- Nutritionist, includes the best-absorbed form of the needed vitamins and minerals for your age range, and gender - especially for your joints, bones, muscle, vision, skin, hair, and hormones. Learn More

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Choose Your 30- Min LIVE Session - Time Flies By So Fast

Create a powerful routine that works with your busy schedule. Before you start your day, or at the end. Step into a happy space where everybody knows your name.

Face yoga, Balance, Fat loss, Pilates, Arms & Abs, Booty, Strength, and so much more. Classes run from 6 am EST for the early risers to 8:30 pm EST. Learn more

“Somehow when you start seeing changes in your body it’s like wow. I am walking into a room and I feel sexy now and I like it.” (Christine)

Strong Woman

You’re Never Alone. You’re Now Part of a Powerful Tribe. 

You will meet your new friends here. If you can't make it to class, they will ask about you, and reach out to you. Soon you will owe your success to the women in your tribe. Like-minded women, women who are very supportive of each other, and inspire one another. Learn more 

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“The positivity that comes from this group. We all encourage each other.” (Lois)

Our Team

All From The Comfort of Your Home - Save Time & Money 

Don’t be concerned about working out from home and whether you can keep up. Although we are aware that you have tried different programs in the past, this time we guarantee that you’ll get results because you are not alone anymore, you will show up for yourself and for your workout buddies that are waiting for you.

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“The price is right and it’s half an hour for the class. I went from going to the gym 4 times a week to working out from home 7 times a week!” (Lois)

Online Workout

“You are missed when you are not there, the instructors will reach out. You never gonna get that anywhere else”, (Christine)

Our Team's Mission is to Help you Enjoy Your Journey

You are in the best hands, so you will be excited to start your session, meet everybody, and see amazing results.

Our members say: Not only do our trainers do everything with us, but they also correct us, they laugh with us and they make sure we show up. 

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Teams mission

We asked our members “What would you say to a woman in her 40’s - 70's and beyond who is not a member yet?”