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The Best Program For Women in Their 40's, 50's, 60's and Beyond. Get Fit and Healthy in Half The Time.

Make peace with your food choices, build strength, enjoy looking in the mirror again, and set yourself up for long-term mobility with less pain.

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“For the first time in years, my blood sugar levels have decreased because of exercise. Thankful for the wonderful trainers leading these classes and the program"

Fina, Ola Ka Ola Member Since 2021

My doctor asked what my secret was and I told her about this amazing program. Once you start, you’re addicted and you realize how strong you are

Linda, Ola Ka Ola Member Since 2020

"I am stronger, my balance is better and I can do more. “Start where you are, keep coming back.” Is what Cheryl said one day and it’s what works for me. You CAN do this."

Patty, Ola Ka Ola Member Since 2023

Experience Why Our Members Show Up for Classes Every Day for Four Years Straight! 

Less Pain. Minimal Efforts. Best Support. Optimal Results. 


What Sets Us Apart?

  • You get to meet everyone, every day in real time!

  • Our expert trainers provide clear and effective guidance during our group classes. They offer corrections as needed (they will never call you out!) 

  • You'll reduce the risk of osteoporosis through weight-bearing exercises.

  • You'll improve mobility, flexibility, and balance for daily activities.

  • We help you manage weight at this stage in life when it becomes more crucial and maintain a positive body image and self-esteem

  • We provide daily content designed specifically for you.

  • You can ask, consult, and get support from us every day (even 1:1!).

  • You'll never feel alone, thanks to this amazing community of women like you

Join the Exclusive Program for Women Like You Who Are Thriving Together

Ola Ka Ola Safe and Short Workouts For Women
Ola Ka Ola Live Workouts For Women
Ola Ka Ola Beginner Classes For Women
Ola Ka Ola Strength Classes For Women
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Ola Ka Ola Suggested Weekly Workouts For Women
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Shape Up Your Body in Half The Time

Get our personal trainers guidance in small group training, in real-time.

It's safe, empowering, short, without any judgment, and fun!

Join the most supportive and encouraging community! 

Movement is Medicine

85% Stay Consistent

85% of our members join our classes at least 3 times a week for 4 years straight

95% Feel The Difference

95% of our members see major improvements in their overall well-being

80% Changed Their Life


80% of our members say Ola Ka Ola is a game changer in their life

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Have Questions?

We're inviting you to contact us with any questions you have, we're here for you anytime!

We will contact you soon, thank you!

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