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The Best Program For Women in Their 40's, 50's, 60's and Beyond. Get Fit and Healthy in Half The Time.

Build strength, enjoy looking in the mirror again, and set yourself up for long-term mobility with less pain.

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Get Stronger and Look Better Without Complexity. We Keep Things Simple, Designed Specifically for Your Body.


“For the first time in years, my blood sugar levels have decreased because of exercise. Thankful for the wonderful trainers leading these classes and the program"


My doctor asked what my secret was and I told her about this amazing program. Once you start, you’re addicted and you realize how strong you are


"I am stronger, my balance is better and I can do more. “Start where you are, keep coming back.” Is what Cheryl said one day and it’s what works for me. You CAN do this."

You'll Become Stronger for Your Independence

You'll reduce the risk of osteoporosis through weight-bearing exercises


You'll Improve Your Overall Quality of Life

You'll improve mobility, flexibility, and balance for daily activities


You'll Become Confident in Your Own Body

We help you manage weight at this stage in life when it becomes more crucial and maintain a positive body image and self-esteem

You'll Receive Personal Training and Advice Whenever You Need It

We provide daily content designed specifically for you. You can ask, consult, and get support from us every day (even 1:1)

A Must-Have for Women Over 40.
Discover how Ola Ka Ola enables you to fulfill all your body's needs efficiently from the comfort of your home, freeing up time for outdoor activities, fun gatherings with friends and family, and making lasting memories together.

How it Works?

Classes Designed for Your Specific Needs

Our classes cover a variety of types, including Pilates, Strength Training, HIIT, Yoga, and Stretching. Each class incorporates elements of balance, strength, and mobility, providing you with everything you need for your daily activity in just one session.

Programs That Target Specific Goals

Programs include Beginners, Pelvic Floor Restore, Pilates for Menopause, Face Yoga, Balance, and more, all designed specifically for women over 40.

Support and Advice From Our Team and Community


You are part of our strong community of like-minded women. Our team of experts is available to answer your questions and support you on a daily basis. We're here for you whenever you need us.


Dear Ola Ka Ola,
You ladies rock. On January 2, I silently decided to jump in with both feet and take my health in my own hands. Since then, I've been on-demand almost daily, learning to pick up blueberries, and realizing that it's not complicated. It's showing up for yourself consistently. Last week, I turned 60, and I'm so much stronger than I was before, and lighter too, down 16 pounds so far. I've never met the amazing Aggie face-to-face, but I adore her. My favorite Aggy-isms:

  1. It's not complicated. I don't do complicated.

  2. Big muscles need big weights.

  3. You're going to look great in a tank top.

  4. Bonus!!! Gimme 5 more ...

  5. you want to change your body, you have to strength train with weights.If

Thank you Aggy, Cheryl and Ola Ka Ola. I am going to look great in a tank top this summer. 

Deborah Ann, Ola Ka Ola Member

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