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Our workouts have been tailored specifically for women over 40. You won't find this anywhere else.

There are plenty of health platforms out there, but nothing with this much detail and support to help you manage your body changes that naturally occur after 40.

A Mix of Everything Your Body Needs to age Gracefully

Strength training - You build muscle and improve your bone density
Flexibility and Mobility - You stretch, practice yoga, and pilates to help your joints
Cardio - You do kickboxing, dance, and 15-minutes cardio sessions to improve your heart health
Safe and Easy - You listen to your body and get modifications constantly
Professional guidance - You get all the guidance you need from qualified fitness professionals


When you join our community, you'll get to know your team of experts very well and connect daily, online, with other like-minded women.

You'll learn how to work out the right way and how to maintain a strong body with a strong and healthy Pelvic Floor, increase your bone density, regain your balance, and of course - you are going to feel so good! 

Trust us. We'll support you every step of the way and lead you to success. 


Watch below what our team of trainers has to say about how much they want to help you on your journey.

"And then came confidence back that was lost, and just little by little I kept doing it, I kept showing up everyday. It was physical first but then it was mental too, through this program.You gave my life back, thank you!"
Christine, Ola Ka Ola Member, NY

How It's Like to be an Ola Ka Ola Member

Every woman has a unique story, and we are confident that you do too. Give yourself the opportunity to try the Ola Ka Ola method and regain your confidence, your self-esteem, and happiness. 

You'll become part of something that will empower you, that's our promise to you.


Watch what our members have to say about their journey with Ola Ka Ola. 

Our Members' Stories