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What Our Members Say About Us

Because Every Woman Needs a Tribe.

Molly, Ola Ka Ola member
"I feel like I've tapped into a gold mine, both internally and externally. I feel like I have a personal trainer and a year of access to these amazing resources for such an amazing price. Like I wanna scream it from the mountain tops. I needed this more than I knew, and this program just fits hand in glove with my needs"

Emily, Ola Ka Ola member
"Ola Ka Ola is like an extended family with workouts buddies and trainers who really care""

Carolyn, Ola Ka Ola member
"I didn't know I needed a community like this, But I sure am glad I found it! I actually look forward to exercising now - never thought I would say that!"

How It's Like to be an Ola Ka Ola Member

Every woman has a unique story, and we are confident that you do too. Give yourself the opportunity to try the Ola Ka Ola method and regain your confidence, your self-esteem, and happiness. 

You'll become part of something that will empower you, that's our promise to you.


Watch what our members have to say about their journey with Ola Ka Ola. 

Our Members' Stories