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The Beginner's Program For Women With Proven Results for Getting in Shape

KickStart Your Fitness Journey and Start Feeling Stronger, Healthier, and Happier With a Doable Program That Fits Your Needs

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24/7 Support

3 Phases
12 Weeks

On-Demand Sessions
Live Sessions

Anytime, Anywhere
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back

If you are brand new to fitness or it’s been a long time since you have worked out, this is where you start.


Learn how to safely exercise and get the most out of all your exercises, so you are confident and strong in your journey. You will still be challenged, but at a pace and level, you can keep up with.


You will see how quickly your body adapts and how quickly you gain confidence and strength.


You will experience all the training that is crucial for the female body over 40. This means everything is safe, Core and Pelvic Floor friendly, and strength-based to preserve muscle mass and bone density.


You will also be relaxing muscles and increasing mobility and flexibility to help you move better, making room for all those strength gains.


You will also do cardio and endurance training. Heart disease is the number one killer in women over 40 so it is important to have cardio in your plan but it is always paired with strength and mobility so you always get the most when you show up for yourself.

The Let's Start Program is an incredible resource designed for beginners who aim to improve their fitness and overall health during this important stage of life. Inside, you will discover the most excellent exercise plan to safely begin your fitness journey


At the end of the course, you will:

  • Start feeling stronger and better about yourself

  • Gain confidence in your workouts

  • Improve your physical fitness

  • Increase your energy levels

  • Like looking in the mirror

What You Need

  • A small space from the comfort of your home

  • 20-30 minutes, 3 times a week

  • Equipment: 2 weights (or water bottles)

  • Other equipent will be delivered to you as a gift from us when you join us

What to Expect

  • Easy-to-follow instructions

  • Well-structured routine

  • Simple and effective movements

  • Safe and well-explained exercises

  • Noticeable progress with every week

  • You can contact us at anytime for any questions or advice. 

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Why Join the Let's Start Program? Discover the Benefits Today!



Designed For Women


100% Success Rate

Karen, NY

“This program is amazing. Everything is slow and explained, and doesn't feel like you're going 400 miles an hour. It gives me time to figure out what my brain and body need to do."

Lauren, CA

"It's the first time I really enjoy working out. This program is well structured and completely doable. Whenever I have any questions, I reach out to Cheryl and get response right away. I highly recommend it."

Brenda, TX

“I can't say enough about this program. I finally feel safe and confident finding this program for women my age (58). I feel stronger and I've even lost a few pounds without changing my diet.”

It's easy to get started and follow this program, you'll feel so good!
Start today and receive a gift from us delivered to your doorstep! 

3-Month Program, Only $99 - One Time Payment
(or 4 installment of $25 with Affirm/AfterPay)

Create your account (email + password or through Google/FB), complete the process and you are all set - welcome aboard! 

About Ola Ka Ola

A Message From Us 


If you're like most women over 40 you know that due to hormonal changes, we become more effective at storing fat and less effective at creating muscle. 

Ola Ka Ola (Life Goes On in Hawaiian) helped 96% of its members who are in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond, improve their life quality. 

Our members are showing changes in their overall lives - increased energy, reduced stress, and enjoying constant compliments from their physicians, and the people around them. 


The Ola Ka Ola platform will truly change your life. We are not just saying that. We are promising you that!

Our 30-min special online group classes, which are designed to meet the needs of women over 40, will save you so much time and money, and in no time you'll become stronger and happier than ever.



The Ola Ka Ola Team


When you join our community, you'll get to know your team of experts very well and connect daily, online, with other like-minded women.

You'll learn how to work out the right way and how to maintain a strong body with a strong and healthy Pelvic Floor, increase your bone density, regain your balance, and of course - you are going to feel so good! 

Trust us. We'll support you every step of the way and lead you to success. 

Backed by Professionals

Certified by:  NSAA, AFAA, Pelvic Global Academy, LPF USA, Yoga Alliance

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Dr. Alyssa Hariprashad

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Shirit Kamil-Rosenberg
Exercise Physiologist


Maryann Gallucci
Dietitian - Nutritionist

Dr. Alyssa Hariprashad is a dedicated healthcare practitioner who believes in the promotion of preventative care in rehabilitative medicine. Alyssa began her career by earning a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from the University at Buffalo and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from New York Institute of Technology. She applies an evidence-based and holistic approach to wellness, with a focus on interventions that meet the changing needs of her patients and help prevent future injuries. She is the creator of "The Pelvic Floor Playbook" which is a blog / Instagram page which advocates for all people who want their stories and voices to be heard.

Shirit Kamil-Rosenberg is a certified clinical exercise physiologist and has a doctorate is in exercise physiology. She received her doctorate from Columbia University Teachers College in New York City. Her expertise is working with people with chronic disease (diabetes, heart disease, stroke, etc.) and the benefits of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. 

She was recently awarded “2021 Long  Island Dietitian of the Year” by the Long Island Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. While earning her Master of Science in Nutrition and Exercise Sciences from Queens College and her Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and Food Studies at New York University, Maryann worked in a corporate setting where she developed and managed a health and safety program. Maryann currently serves as the Nutrition Services and Payment Specialist Co-chair for the Long Island Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She is a member of multiple Dietetic Practice Groups.

Cheryl Coppa

״Cheryl is a great motivator and coach and I love that these workouts give me energy for the rest of the day!!״

Aggy Sapienza

״Aggy is so inspiring and constantly encourages us! She works hard right along with us!״

Lisa Wellington

״Lisa is awesome! Since taking her classes I’ve gained strength and balance, it’s amazing!״

Sabrina Marr

״I love how Sabrina structures her sessions. She is determined to help us reach our best potential!״
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Olga Karmansky

US Champion and two-time Pan American Champion in Rhythmic Gymnastics. 

Olga teaches flexibility classes on Ola Ka Ola.

Create your account (email + password or through Google/FB), complete the process and you are all set - welcome aboard! 

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