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The Only Fitness Program Focused on Addressing Your Specific Needs at This Stage in Life

Every week, you receive an exciting new plan for the week ahead, incorporating all the elements mentioned below to ensure you work on each of them during the upcoming week. Additionally, you receive four new recipes to make your week exciting in the kitchen as well. No need to guess - you follow the plan, step by step!

Building Muscles Online Ftness For Women Ola Ka Ola

You Are Losing Muscle Tone - 
 You Work On Strength For Your Bones

Because strengthening bones is crucial for you to prevent osteoporosis and promote overall bone health.

Flexibility For Women Ola Ka Ola

You Might Start to Feel Stiff, and Might Experience Joint Aches - 
You Work On Flexibility For Your Mobility

Maintaining flexibility is essential for you to enhance mobility, prevent injuries, and support overall physical well-being.

Pelvic Floor For Women Ola Ka Ola

Back Pain? Leaking? Any Other Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Symptoms? - 
You Follow Our Pelvic Floor Restore Program For A Better Quality Of Life

Pelvic floor restoration is crucial for you to address issues like pelvic floor dysfunction, providing support for urinary control, and promoting overall pelvic health.

Balance For Women Ola Ka Ola

You May Notice a Decline in Balance, Increasing The Risk of Falls - 
You Work On Balance For Your Safety

Enhancing balance is essential for you to prevent falls, improve stability, and maintain overall mobility and coordination.

Ola Ka Ola Grouo Wellness Support For Women

You Have So Many Reasons to Feel Stressed and Burned Out - 
You Join Our Weekly Group Wellness Check-ins

During these sessions you can get support with emotional eating, time management, as well as stress management tips that impact your whole health such as relationships, career, finances, spirituality, and mindset.

You Don't Have Time to Explore New Recipes and Discover The Proper Way to Nourish Your Body - 
You Get Nutrition Tips and Healthy Recipes For Your Overall Well-Being

Prioritizing nutrition and incorporating healthy recipes is crucial for you to support hormonal balance, manage weight, and promote overall well-being.


Hi, I'm Aggy, one of your Ola Ka Ola instructors. I'm inviting you to contact me with any questions you have. Add your phone number and I will call you and explain to you why our program is different than any other program you know and why with us you will stay consistent. 

I will contact you soon, thank you!

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