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This is your secure and supportive space for success – free from judgment, filled with encouragement from everyone!


Get our personal trainers guidance in a small group settings, in real-time. Become part of this unbelievably supportive community of women that celebrate aging together, it can be fun and it will be! 

This Is How You Feel When You Join Us (From Our Members)


Strong in Your Own Body

"I'm enjoying the courses immensely. Using muscles I had forgotten about", Diane

This Is How You Feel When You Join Us

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Happy and Empowered

"Ola Ka Ola makes me happy. I'm surrounded by so much support", Kathy

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"And then came confidence back that was lost, and just little by little I kept doing it, I kept showing up everyday. It was physical first but then it was mental too, through this program.You gave my life back, thank you!", Christine

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Safe and Educated

"It just continues to amaze me how uneducated women are on their bodies, ridiculous to learn so much after having 4 natural births and now gone through menopause, almost 40+ year span and learning so much, well as they say better late than never. Thank you Ola Ka Ola!", Tairi

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Love What You See

"I like looking in the mirror. I like buying clothes. I like flexing my muscles. I never thought of myself as having muscles, but I have never felt as good as I feel now", Linda


Connected to Women Like You

"I am grateful for our tribe and especially for my workout buddies. Thanks Ola Ka Ola!", Mary

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