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The Best Program For Women Who Want to Make a Change in Their Health, With Minimal Efforts and Still See Results.

Make peace with your food choices, build strength, enjoy looking in the mirror again, and set yourself up for long-term mobility with less pain.

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No need for the gym or the studio and the hassle that comes with it. All you need is a small space and 30 minutes. You'll find here only women like you, and you'll feel the difference in no time.

The Movement Plan That Teaches You:


How to Balance Your Cortisol


How to Get Rid of Menopause Belly


How to Shape Your Body at This Age


How to Prevent, Manage, and Reserve Your Pelvic Floor Dysfunction


How to Create The Freedom and Confidence You Crave

All in less time than you have ever spent. Less is more with the right movement plan for your body at this stage in life.

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Your Membership Benefits

  • New live classes every day

  • On-demand (recorded) library that consists of:

    • Recordings of our daily live classes

    • Our Tailored programs:

      • Let's Start (for beginners)

      • Core & Pelvic Floor Restore

      • Pilates for Menopause

      • Yoga for Everyone

      • Face Yoga

      • Balance

      • Fat Loss

      • Booty

      • Arms & Abs

      • Flexibility Xpress

  • Nutrition tips, recipes, and advice

  • Weekly Suggested Workout plan

  • 1:1 assessment with one of our experts

  • 24/7 support from us

  • Membership in a strong community of women your age.


Join Thousand of Women Around The Globe Who Are Feeling Their Best and Thriving Together!

*The photos were taken from our yearly event at the Hamptons, NY

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