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The Most Effective Classes and Programs Designed For Women - Anytime, Anywhere

Beginners Program Women Over 40 Ola Ka Ola

Let's Start Program
100% success rate!

If you are brand new to fitness or it’s been a long time since you have worked out, this is where you start. Learn how to safely exercise and get the most out of all your workouts, so you are confident and strong in your journey:

  • Gain confidence and strength

  • Everything is safe, Core and Pelvic Floor friendly, and strength-based to preserve muscle mass and bone density 

  • Relax muscles and increase mobility and flexibility

  • Available on-demand, at your own pace

Strength Classes For Women Ola Ka Ola

Strength, Pilates, Cardio and Core Training

Designed to strengthen your body and to keep it strong

  • At our age, strength training is essential. It improves bone density, promotes independence, and enhances overall well-being.

  • You'll have access to a variety of enjoyable strength training exercises that are doable and will make every second worthwhile!

  • You can join a full body session or more specific sessions that target areas like: Arms & ABS, Booty, Core, Leg

  • From beginners to intermediates

Yoga For Women over 40 50, and 60 Ola Ka Ola

Yoga, Meditation
and Balance 

We work on your flexibility, balance, and peace of mind. Experts at Ola Ka Ola designed one-of-a-kind programs that you can join in for a single session or the entire program.

  • After trying just one of Sabrina's yoga classes, you'll fall in love with them. They're enjoyable, accessible, and incredibly rewarding.

  • Meditation sessions every month

  • Balance is incorporated in every Ola Ka Ola class 

  • Yoga for beginners starts every other month

  • From beginners to intermediates

Pelvic Floor Restore Program Ola Ka Ola

Core & Pelvic Floor Restore Program

Expert-proven technique to manage and reverse your pelvic floor dysfunction. Your benefits from The Core & Pelvic Floor Restore Program:

  • Leave your house without looking for a bathroom nearby

  • Enjoy long walks and exercise regularly 

  • Enjoy sexual intimacy

  • Never again use incontinence pads

  • Increase the quality of life while saving time and money

  • Become both physically and mentally healthy 

  • Available On-demand, at your own pace. 1:1 assessment with Cheryl is an option as well

Stretch Program For Women Over 40 Ola Ka Ola

Stretch Like an Olympic Champ

A strength-based approach to flexibility. With Olga Karmansky - US Champion and two-time Pan American Champion in Rhythmic Gymnastics

  • Available on demand

  • A unique, guided flexibility journey through the power of functional movement 

  • A strength-based approach to flexibility. 

  • Perfect for all levels!

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