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Whenever Works for YOU, We Are There. It's Never Been That Easy to Feel Better and Connected to Like-Minded Women

A day in your life with Ola Ka Ola
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  • Morning or evening, whenever works for you - for only 30 minutes

  • If you can't join us live, you have the recorded sessions available for you 24/7

  • You have a well structured plan for you to follow, no need to guess anything! 

  • No prep needed. Wear whatever you want! Invite guests or family members to join you!

  • No judgment here! Always welcome with open arms, whether your camera is on or off!

It's Different From Anything You've Tried Before. Our Members Are The Proof That Our Program Is Working. Take The First Step And Join Us

You will be a role model for your kids, your grandkids, and your friends. You will stay consistent thanks to our unique method and community. There is nothing like us, you won'y find it anywhere else. 


 Enjoy Your New Flexible and Strong Body
(Be Ready For Compliments!)

Get stronger bones. Regain your flexibility and mobility (It's never too late!). Restore your Pelvic Floor for a better quality of life, and improve your balance for your safety. We guide you every step of the way with a tailored plan. Just for you. Live or recorded.

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Enjoy Your Meals and Snacks With Delicious and Simple Recipes 

Ola Ka Ola's in-house Dietitian-Nutritionist provides healthy weekly meal plans, tips, and recipes. Available for you anytime, anywhere.


It's Fun. Short. Safe, and Easy.

Right from the start, a member of our team will contact you to create your personal plan. All programs are carefully designed by a team of experts with years of industry experience. 

We make it easy to stay committed. We make it safe with the right guidance.


Meet Women Like You 

Whether you join live classes and meet new friends, or communicate in our group, you will find a community of thousands of women with a common mission to become stronger, more confident, and live longer. 


All Levels are Welcome!

Fits All Levels. Are you a beginner? This is the perfect place for you to start! We've developed our beginners' program with a 100% success rate! It's safe, simple, fun, and doable.

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50% Off For Members!

Enjoy 50% off Ola Ka Ola equipment - the most affordable price for everything you need!

"I LOVE Ola Ka Ola! It's perfect for my needs! I am a total FAN GIRL! I also tell everyone about it!", Margaret, Ola Ka Ola Member


Hi, I'm Aggy, one of your Ola Ka Ola instructors. I'm inviting you to contact me with any questions you have. Add your phone number and I will call you and explain to you why our program is different than any other program you know and why with us you will stay consistent. 

I will contact you soon, thank you!

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