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Know That Whatever 2024 Brings, We’ll Be There For You

Ola Ka Ola Founders 2023 End-of-Year Review

More than three years ago, we embarked on a wonderful journey called Ola Ka Ola ('life goes on' in Hawaiian) to empower women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond.

Since then, we've expanded our platform and content to provide optimal service and support to hundreds of women globally.

Thanks to your feedback, we added new features to Ola Ka Ola this year and earned our highest Google star rating: 

✔️ We came to understand the importance of a structured beginner's plan. Therefore, we successfully launched our Let's Start program - an incredible step-by-step program designed by our team of trainers for beginners who aim to start exercising and improve their fitness, and overall health during this important stage of life. 

✔️ We added new experts to our team:
Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Shirit Rosenberg: A certified clinical exercise physiologist who has a doctorate in exercise physiology. Shirit's expertise is working with people with chronic diseases (diabetes, heart disease, stroke, etc.). Shirit has worked in clinical and research settings working primarily with older adults instructing cardiac rehabilitation in the past as well as conducting cardiopulmonary and clinical stress tests. Her passion is to let people know and show the importance of physical activity to everyone.

Functional Nutrition, Lifestyle Practitioner, Master Health Coach - Melanie Halter: Specializes in empowering clients to have courage and compassion on their health and happiness journey. Melanie takes a holistic approach to wellness which includes both physical and mental components. She believes at times you have to do some courageous unlearning to help you move forward in your health journey. This means building trust in yourself as you try new things and explore new ways of thinking.

✔️ We added the recommended weekly workout feature to spare you the time and wondering which class to choose next. Each week (on Sunday), we update the weekly plan to keep you engaged and committed with a perfectly balanced workout plan. Choose from a 3-day or 6-day plan, available live or on-demand, for your convenience. 

✔️ We realized that it was time to make peace with our food, and therefore created the weekly meal plan option for you. Enjoy 4 new healthy recipes each week.

✔️ New live wellness check-in meetings are now available every Wednesday at noon EST with our Health Coach Melanie Halter. Get guidance on emotional eating, time, and stress management for overall health, covering relationships, careers, finances, spirituality, and mindset. Bridge the gap between traditional and holistic health, connect with a fantastic group of women dedicated to wellness 

✔️ We kept incorporating what's most important for women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond in every class that we teach: Balance, Strength, Flexibility, and Pelvic Floor Health - so you can work on everything (without even realizing it) in only a 30-minute session. We also added a close caption option for our recorded videos, so you can do them even when everyone else in the house is still sleeping.

✔️ We had holiday and theme parties, a Tricep Challenge, a Squat Challenge, A Healthy Eating Week, Flexibility Express Classes, 20-min Express Classes, Meditations, Nutrition Tips, and whatnot!  

We want to thank you for the great recommendations and feedback you've shared with the world about us. We would like to ask you, as 2024 is about to start - to share more about us with your friends and family and let them know that there is a way to live a better life, with minimal effort, and with a strong community of wonderful women like you. You will allow them a new beginning and a great start to 2024.

Not only are we excited for 2024 with you, but we also have some big goals and big ideas that we can’t wait to share.
Here's to good health and another great year with you!

Yours always,
Michal & Neta


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