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It's Almost Summer! Has Your New Year's Resolution For 2024 Failed?

Updated: Mar 24

You promised yourself in January to work out this year, and just like that it's almost summer again and nothing really happened. Trainer Sabrina Marr decided to check what made her students over the years stick to their exercise regime and she's here to offer her insights.

Sabrina Marr
It's almost time for summer dresses and bikinis. You really thought you were going to get into a fitness routine this time, and while you had started fully motivated in January, you struggled with consistency and now it seems too late to even get started again. If you are one of those, don’t worry! It’s not your fault. 90% of students abandon working out before they can even realize their full potential and before they can see real benefits. However, a small percentage of students are able to stick with their plan and are able to see significant results to the point that they can never stop again. I really wanted to find out why some students are able to stick to their plan so that I can share it with everyone and give everyone a real chance of success. I took the time to analyze the behavior of the many many students I had over the years and developed some words of advice.
The biggest obstacles to a consistent practice can be subdivided into 3 categories: - Lack of time - Lack of motivation - Lack of results
So let me address them one by one and give you proven advice on how to move those roadblocks away from your road to a healthy habit.

1. How to find the time when time is never enough? Pick just one day

MAKE IT EASY. Maybe you thought that you need a full-hour class to make it worth it. Instead, I can guarantee you that you don’t need that much time. A few minutes a day can make a difference! Believe me! But you have to do it every single day. MAKE IT REGULAR. Set up a time and a day, when you can take a full class. It can be once a week or twice a week or even 3 times a week. I have students who only come once a week, but they picked a specific day and show up for the class no matter what. So instead of letting your mind wander, when will I take the class? Make it easy on yourself - Pick a day. The week has seven days. Pick one or two and stick to that plan.

2. How to find the motivation on one of those days when you feel like “blah”?

FIND YOUR TRIBE. It can be one friend or a group of friends, or it can even be your instructor. Develop a relationship with someone that can travel with you on this fitness journey. My most loyal students started taking classes with a friend to motivate each other. Or they developed a relationship with me to the point that they would text me to let me know whether they are coming to class or not. Now, if there is a day when it just doesn’t feel right, don’t push yourself. Just know that you can always come back to your practice. Don't let a bad day abandon your master plan completely. And for that, if you really want to succeed, use some organizational tools, and set an alarm in your calendar, or in your phone. Whatever it takes to remind you, it's time to practice. MAKE IT EASY. Again, make it easy for you to stick to your plan. If you like to go to a gym, pick a gym near you. If you like to practice from home, even better. If you have space in your house, pick one room and make it your practice room, maybe even leave the mat on the floor. Become familiar with the website you use to stream your class. If you have space, set up a tripod or anything where you can put your phone or computer. The more you do it, the more natural and fast the setup process will become, and the more likely you will stick to your plan.

3. How to start seeing results?

MAKE A PLAN. Decide what is important for you. Is it strength or flexibility, or is it losing weight? Are you seeking help to relieve back pain or other aches, or help to sleep better to lower stress? If you have a plan, you will be able to track your results, and if you see results, you are going to be motivated to take the time to practice more. It’s a bit of a cycle so once you get it, the ball will be rolling almost by itself. Now allow me to conclude by saying this: Ola Ka Ola has all the solutions to those major obstacles: No time? No problem, at Ola Ka Ola most classes, are 30 minutes and the on-demand section offers even shorter videos. In addition, we have a Facebook page with monthly challenges and 5-minute workout ideas. Feeling a little lonely in your journey? We have a tribe for you here! The best way to practice on Ola Ka Ola is with live classes, and rest assured that during those classes, we will find the time to socialize, give each other support, and have fun so that everyone will feel part of a larger community.
Not seeing any visible results? Stay with us and we will never let you go without having achieved your goals. We know your name, we know what you are seeking, and we are here to help you achieve those goals.

Sabrina Marr - Trainer

A certified RYT 500 and a passionate yoga instructor with diplomas from Zen Den Yoga School in Florida and the Yoga Foundation in India. Sabrina Marr grew up in the Swiss Alps and has been dedicated to a healthy lifestyle from an early age. As an elite athlete, competing in the Gymnastics World Championships, she focused on the physical, mental and emotional components needed to achieve the serenity to compete at the highest levels. Sabrina teaches Yoga classes, Face yoga sessions, and leads meditation sessions on the Ola Ka Ola platform.


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