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Cultivating Community Health and Well-Being

A Journey Through Your 40s-50s-and Beyond

By Cheryl Coppa

This might be one of the most unexpected perks of fitness that I have experienced. When I think back to when I started my own personal fitness journey (it was not until I was 30) I didn’t expect to become part of a community, something bigger! As my fitness journey and needs have evolved, so has the community I am part of, but regardless there is always this connection that sticks as you move through your health and fitness journey.

Fitness Connects You With People That You Would Otherwise Never Meet!

You have different jobs, different stages in life, different backgrounds, and even live in different parts of the world now that we can utilize virtual training, but you have this connection of whatever brought you into fitness. And whatever brought you in, and what keeps you there, is being able to share that experience and journey with the ones doing it with you.

You will also find when you join a fitness community, you are welcomed with open arms because everyone was once in your shoes, or at least in a way they can relate to. This helps drop that curtain of fear and judgment as you yourself make a change in your life. Because change is scary! The welcome mat is rolled out and you are always greeted with smiles and encouragement.

I had a Facebook memory the other day, with clips of me and a few other women from the gym I was a part of at that time sharing a class via Zoom during Covid. In a very uncertain time we stayed connected and moving this way which was really like a lifeboat that kept our spirits lifted, our immune systems strong, and the pounds off! I still view fitness this way, in times of struggle, uncertainty and all the hustle and bustle - THIS is a way to stay strong and at your best. Your lifeboat for whatever storm you are in right now. You will see your community right there with you. They might be in a different storm and a different lifeboat but they are there!  

Here at Ola Ka Ola we have just narrowed this health and fitness community to women. Women over 40 really experience different things in midlife and beyond that is not relatable to younger women. We can more openly share, understand, and fine-tune what our bodies need when we have this specific community.

We Have Different Goals Now

For example, A sculpted 6-pack is not necessarily your goal. Could it happen? Sure! If you want a rigid fitness routine, and are willing to track and count all your food it can be done. Is it sustainable? If it makes you happy it is. But for most of us, this is not what we are looking for when entering the health and fitness world after 40 and beyond.
Another example is if you are living with leaking (which you don’t have to by the way) this is not something younger women (hopefully although it is starting to happen to younger women) or men are going to relate to or understand or know how to help you with. We have different goals and for different reasons than younger women and men.  

Can you relate to any of this?

I have never worked out, I don’t know where to start.
I always start and stop start and stop, and end up nowhere.
I get hurt every time I try to do fitness routines.
I can’t exercise without being in pain or leaking.
I’m too tired to exercise.
I don’t have time to exercise.
I just feel too far gone to even get started.
I’m just too old for this.
I still look like I’m pregnant 20 years later.
It just all seems so overwhelming.
I just don’t have the motivation.

These statements are very common and reasons/excuses why you might never even give yourself the chance to feel amazing.

It is overwhelming when you don’t know the solution and you are all alone. It does not have to be this way.
Let me share with you some real testimonials from real women in our community:


“For the first time in years, my blood sugar levels have decreased because of exercise. Thankful for the wonderful trainers leading these classes and the program.” - Fina

Ola Ka Ola makes me happy. I'm surrounded by so much support", Kathy

“I love how you explain everything and give options so there is always something I can do. Oh, and the breathing! I always need those cues. Seriously, your classes are making a HUGE improvement for me in a bunch of ways, thank you! “ - Patty

Read more testimonials HERE 

Two shared factors among these women: a personalized fitness plan tailored to their current levels and goals, AND a sense of community!! They have constant support right in virtual class together. You might find it hard to believe that a community can be built this way, but it is real and it is really special.
We are able to connect regardless of where we live! There’s something about working together, pushing together, and showing up together that forms a bond and a relationship that is unique. You will notice the women you attend class with become your biggest supporters.

“Without a doubt when we train with others, we work harder and we are more likely to show up because others are expecting us.”

The first ones to like and comment on your Facebook posts, even text you if they missed you in class. The first ones to wish you a happy birthday! It’s special and it plays a part in STAYING in this. Because out of everyone in your life, only they can understand what you show up to do, where you started, and how you grow. And again, we might be in different storms and different lifeboats, but here we are! We have women who show up for training right after the night shift, or before they head to work, before their kids get off to school, or after school drop off, or before they head out to volunteer, between meetings, during their lunch break or between running the grandkids! Because of another important factor as women of a certain age, we are no longer interested in spending hours what it would take to commute to a gym for a class or training. We need all the benefits in a very simple format and they all are meaningful for our community health. This is what you have with Ola.

Additional benefits to being part of the fitness community and taking the same classes and training together go even deeper in ways you might not expect:

MUSIC - Music can have an immediate impact on your mood, emotions, and feelings. Music paired with your movements takes it even deeper. You could be in a yoga class where the music sparks inner peace and dialogue that you would otherwise suppress. You could be in a Cardio/HIIT class where the music gets you moving in new ways and feeling alive. Music paired with exercise movements can bring you back in time, remind you of a loved one, and tap into your determination and creativity! It very easily unlocks your power within. You could be in a “Fun Friday” theme class and find yourself dancing to your own beat. You could be in a strength class and the music pushes you to work a little harder which stimulates strength. Music is very powerful, for everybody! All of our training and classes are fueled with music.

CHALLENGE - Without a doubt when we train with others, we do work harder and we are more likely to show up when others are expecting us to. Whether it be your training on the other end of the screen, your workout buddy you have made a connection with, or the group as a whole. Your chances of showing up increase when you are part of something bigger!

MENTAL HEALTH - You can find countless studies about the connection between mental health and fitness. Just Google it and take your pick. Ask anyone who exercises on a regular basis and ask them the biggest benefit they get from working out. It's the mental component 100%! Happier, think clearer, more productive, more energy, more clarity, clear the fog so to speak when you need to think clearly. Your brain and your body want and need to work together! In fact, the busier you are, the more stressed you are, the more tired you are, and the more you need this!

A new season, a new strength, and a new community await you.


About Cheryl Coppa

✔️ A certified Core Confidence Specialist (Core and Pelvic Floor retraining)
✔️ A certified Personal Trainer specializing in women's fitness over 40
✔️ Low-Pressure Fitness / Hypopressive certified by creator Dr. Tamara Rial
✔️ Pre/postnatal corrective exercise specialist
✔️Instructor of the Pelvic Floor Health program, Ola Ka Ola    
✔️ 40 years young, wife & mother of 3


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