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Let’s Talk About Footwear

By Ada Luz Coonerty-Vazquez

Your feet are the foundation of your body and therefore must have a proper support. The right shoes will help you get the most from your workout while offering improved grip and support.

Certain Types of Shoes are Better For Different Fitness Style

Running shoes are not acceptable for weightlifting. Instead you should be wearing cross trainers like Inov or NewBalance which give you great support, stability, and great balance for those tough workouts of lifting weights.

When you’re running, get yourself running shoes - New Balance or Asics. Try on different models of sneakers because not every model is made for your feet.

What Foot Type Do You Have?

If you wet your feet and step on the floor, you’ll be able to see your foot imprint. I have flat feet with zero arch. If your foot shape looks like a half moon, you’ll know you have a nice high arch. If not, you might need a sneaker with added support.

How Often Do We Change Our Sneakers?

Depending on how often you train. Anywhere between 2-3 months. If you’re running then you should change it every 500 miles.

Remember, what you put on your feet is super important!

About Ada Coonerty

I am a 48 y/o mother of two and married to a supportive husband. Everyday for the past ten years I wake up absolutely loving what I do - Fitness. There are two words I do not have in my vocabulary, "I Can't." Rather than saying, "I can't," I believe in saying, I will try, this is a struggle but I will practice, I will modify. I look forward to working out with you all and have fun while doing it!!

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14 feb 2022

That means I need to change my sneakers every 3.5 months (I run 5 miles a day) - very interesting - thank you!

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