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Letter From The Ola Ka Ola Co-Founders

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

It's Our 2nd Anniversary And We Are More Than Excited To Share It With You! Learn About Ola Ka Ola And How It Transformed The Lives Of So Many Women Around The World.

3 years ago we embarked on a wonderful journey called Ola Ka Ola (life goes on in Hawaiian) to empower women and change their lives. Our company originally operated as a global marketplace for fitness classes, but precisely two years ago we made the decision to concentrate only on the health and unique needs of women over 40. This decision proved to be a great success. We are so happy to celebrate our 2nd anniversary with you today. Even though we co-founded the company, we are both active members of our program:

"I was very active before we founded Ola Ka Ola, I used to go to the gym every day, to run at least 5 miles a day, but I didn't do strength training at all. Since Ola Ka Ola, I understand the benefits and the importance of strength training. I haven't been in the gym since we founded Ola and I find it very easy to join a daily session. I can not compare anything I know to our program, where I can easily work out without spending time that I don't have". Co-Founder & CEO, Michal Lissauer. "Before Ola Ka Ola I used to attend the local Pilates studio once a week. I thought it was sufficient. Since we founded Ola Ka Ola, I have been joining classes on a daily basis because truthfully it is so convenient and so much fun. I've come to appreciate the benefits of regular exercise that I previously found difficult to relate to. I have never been so fit in my life and so in control of my body". Co-Founder & CMO, Neta Shacham. It's not a secret that our members are at the heart of everything we do. Over the past 2 years, we have formed great friendships and exquisite bonds with our members and they became our best advisors and critics. We have developed and extended our platform and content to ensure the best delivery of service and support to hundreds of women worldwide. This has been an incredible 2 years for Ola Ka Ola as we have managed to reach many of our goals. Below are just a few of the benchmarks achieved:

  • We came to understand the importance of a healthy pelvic floor, and how every woman will experience or is currently experiencing some form of pelvic floor dysfunction. Therefore, we successfully launched our pelvic floor program, directed by Core Specialist, Cheryl Coppa. Its goal is to ensure that all of our members incorporate this unique method during every fitness session they take and during their daily lives in order to reverse and prevent any issues. This is without a doubt a game-changer!

  • We incorporate what's most important for women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond in every class that we teach: Balance, Strength, Flexibility, and Pelvic Floor Health - so you can work on everything (without even realizing it) in only a 30-minute session.

  • To keep our members up to date, we provided them with all the latest fitness trends, including Face Yoga, Pilates for Menopause, Booty training, Stretch classes with US champion, Olga Karmansky, and many other things.

  • We offered our members all the latest trends in Nutrition, provided by our awarded in-house Dietitian Nutritionist, Maryann Gallucci. Together we had our 10-day Sugar Free Challenge and Protein Challenge, and of course, developed a unique formula of all-natural multivitamins designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of women over 40.

  • So many members have been with us since day one. They all look absolutely amazing and their transformations are incredible. 96% of our members who are in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond, achieved total body transformations: They revered their prediabetes, increased bone density naturally, reduced blood pressure effectively, and promoted their psychological well-being. They continually remind us how Ola Ka Ola changed their lives both physically and mentally.

Our incredible trainers, with years of industry experience, came together to offer FUN and INNOVATIVE ways to help our members in their health journeys. We couldn't have made it without our AMAZING team which we consider our family (in alphabetical order): Aggy Sapienza, Cheryl Coppa, Lisa Wellington, Olga Karmansky, Sabrina Marr, Tania Hoy Jensen, and Tasha Malkiel. We appreciate you all so much and are so proud to be part of a company alongside you Lastly, to our valued members, this remarkable journey could have not taken place without your constant support. Thank you for trusting and having confidence in us, even when we were a young company with an interesting name ;) You changed our lives forever. Thank you for supporting our business. We are honored to have you onboard. Here's to good health and many more years together 🥂 Yours always, Michal and Neta Co - Founders


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