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How a Skeptical Exercise Physiologist Became Ola Ka Ola's Number-One Advocate

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Shirit Rosenberg, already had her own workout routine going and was really content with it until she joined Ola Ka Ola. She now shares why this program is so important for women over 40, and why it is different than anything else out there.

By Shirit Kamil-Rosenberg, Ph.d

During the pandemic, exercise shifted to different platforms. Ola Ka Ola, an online platform, has made a great impact on many women. Over the past year or so, the shift in this platform has been predominantly on women over the age of 40, making it different from other online exercise platforms. The focus is not on the latest exercise trends but rather on how to live your best life with fitness. This is an online group of women who support one another on and offline.

I was introduced to this group early on and as a person who already had an exercise routine, I thought this was a great addition to my workouts. Prior to this program, I had my own routine and didn’t go to exercise classes. However, when I started the program, I was automatically drawn to the instructors and the way they explained and took their time to focus on the technique and safety of those in class.

"The Only Platform I've Encountered That Encourages Women Over 40 to Exercise for Health and Strength to Prolong Healthy Living. ", Shirit Rosenberg, Exercise Physiologist, Ph.D

By the time we reach our 20s, we start to lose muscle mass. Women often focus on the aerobic part of the exercise. However, after 40, women have many different physiological changes such as hormones, aches, and pains in areas that were not there before, changes in metabolism (the way your body burn calories, and increase risk of chronic diseases). Starting and/or continuing a healthy lifestyle is the way to beat some of these negative impacts of growing older. Focusing on all of the different types of exercise, and especially resistance training and weight-bearing exercise, can help reduce these risks and benefit you physically and mentally and with support for one another, there is a greater chance of staying in the game. As an exercise physiologist, I am often skeptical of new exercise programs. However, with Ola Ka Ola, I was impressed at all of the instructors’ approach, professionalism, and knowledge of their techniques, resistance training, aerobics, a combination of the two, Pilates, and yoga. It is important to show adequate technique, especially in an online program, as there could be many injuries. The instructors learn the needs of each person and ask for adequate information for their safety. During class, they show modifications for all levels and make sure that the participants do it safely and that there are the same benefits.

When someone doesn’t show up, the instructors reach out to their participants. This is not just a program but a community of women supporting one another. OlaKaOla is a special online platform that has a special community feel with specialists that focus on the needs of women over 40. The exercise and nutrition specialists provide information and help live a better life with a support system. Increasing resistance training is important to build bone strength and increase muscle mass.

Women supporting women is something that needs to happen more often. This live online platform is something that I have not seen before. The instructors support the participants and the participants support each other and the cycle continues. This is the only platform I have encountered that encourages women over 40 to exercise for health and strength to prolong healthy living.


About Shirit Kamil-Rosenberg, EdD, ACSM CEP

A certified clinical exercise physiologist who has a doctorate in exercise physiology. Her

expertise is working with people with chronic diseases (diabetes, heart disease, stroke, etc.) and the benefits of physical activity. Shirit has worked in clinical and research settings working primarily with older adults instructing cardiac rehabilitation in the past as well as conducting cardiopulmonary and clinical stress tests. Her passion is to let people know and show the importance of physical activity to everyone. Shirit is married and has 4 children. She enjoys spending time with her family and staying active when possible. Ola Ka Ola fits her busy schedule by allowing her to take early classes and join on demand when possible.


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