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Lisa's Rocking 59 and Sharing her Secrets for Coping With all the Changes

Happy Birthday to Me 59 This Year and I Love My Birthday.

My favorite quote regarding birthdays: “Do not regret growing older, it’s a privilege denied to many” - unknown.

What have I learned during this current decade? Let’s start with what we call our mid-life years and how that has affected my mind and body. I decided to embrace my midlife years, as it was inevitable that I was going to experience them. I adjusted. I adjusted the way I ate, the way I worked out, the way I slept, and tuned into my emotional needs.

I was blessed with a high metabolism and was warned that one day it would slow down. So, I adjusted. I became more mindful of what I ate, and how much I ate and added supplements to make up for what I may be missing.

I have high cholesterol, and after trying to adjust the numbers with better nutrition and exercise, the lab results remained the same. I couldn’t fight what I inherited. I adjusted my workouts by increasing my strength programs and decreasing my HIIT workouts as I am now working against hormones and cortisol.

I have always been an advocate of taking care of me first, as I need to be healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally for others in my life.

What does the next year ahead look like to me? My husband has retired, so I will be decreasing the amounts of hours I work just a little, as I love what I do. We love to travel, so new adventures are always in the works. Keeping fit and healthy with my strength training, balance, mobility, and nutrition will help keep me injury-free for years to come.

So, bring on 60, and Happy Birthday to Me!

Yours always,



About Lisa Wellington

Lisa has over 12 years as a health and wellness professional with an emphasis on personal

training, Pilates, and program design. Lisa is an AFAA-certified personal trainer and holds certifications as a P90x coach, Pilates Instructor, and Group Fitness Instructor. Lisa’s Pilates training has influenced how she trains her clients on the fitness floor, focusing on body awareness, core strength, breathing, alignment, posture, and corrective exercises. She is dedicated to helping others make the necessary changes for a lifetime of wellness. Lisa Completed courses in Integrated Balance Training, Functional Programming for the female client, The female physique: The Female Glute Relocation Program, and Understanding the Female Pelvic Core Neuromuscular System. Lisa currently leads the Pilates for Menopause program and will soon co-lead the Abs and Arms program with Aggy.


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