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Best Women's Online Fitness Program

Updated: Nov 15

Discover Expert Insights From Cheryl Coppa on Selecting the Perfect Fitness Program Tailored to Your Needs

By Cheryl Coppa

There are so many programs and platforms out there, it is overwhelming. How do you know which one is best for you?
Let me help you narrow it down in HOW to find the best women’s online fitness program for you.

Find a Program That Takes Age and Gender Into Account

You will want to find a program that is specific to your age and gender. This is very important because a fitness program that is programmed for the masses will more often than not leave you in the dust. Ok, so this narrows it down a little more. A program for WOMEN OVER 40! Now this category is pretty broad too.
Let’s think about what a woman over 40 needs in her health and fitness journey to make it successful:

Painful Sex, Leaking of Urine? You Need Pelvic Floor Education and Care

This is probably an area that you have not paid much attention to in life and you are starting to feel and notice that. Things such as painful or unsatisfying sex, and leaking of urine when you laugh, cough, or sneeze. Low back pain, sciatic flares, hip pain, pelvic pain, bulging belly, and urgency (feeling like you have to pee all the time and not being able to hold it.) These are life-altering symptoms and mostly just brushed off as “this is what happens at this age.”. I assure you this is not something you have to live with, you can reverse these symptoms and you can reverse them rather quickly! They are something that just goes away on their own, if left unaddressed do get worse.

Strong Attention to Strength Training For Bone Density, Muscle Mass, and Fat Loss

This is a must! All the aches and pains that are creeping up on you are a direct result of the muscle mass and bone density you are losing. This is what happens naturally as you age, your muscles and bones start to fade away, UNLESS you are proactive and you do something about it. The ONLY way to do this is to strength train. Now, the way you strength train as a woman over 40 is very different from the way you strength train as a man or a woman in her 20s. This is why finding a solution for your age and gender is important to keep in mind. You are also noticing your body is storing fat like it is going out of style! The good news is, that the solution for this is the same as the bone density and muscle mass solution - STRENGTH TRAINING! Having muscle on your body burns fat. So build some muscle and this burns the fat ALL DAY LONG! Strength training can be intimidating if you have never done it before, this is why having a guide, trainer, or coach is very important to make sure you work WITH your body as it is now, so you can progress safely and effectively. When choosing your trainer and coach, it is also important to have one knows about proper core and pelvic floor training. At this age, sit-ups are your enemy, and if you are training without incorporating proper core and pelvic floor training, you are contributing to the severity of pelvic floor dysfunctions as mentioned above or creating them. I don’t want to scare you, but it is that important! The techniques you learn in strength training should carry over to your everyday movements to keep you strong, protected, and pain-free!

Flexibility Training to Keep Your Joints Moving at Full Range of Motion and With NO Pain

Getting up and down, and on and off the floor, should be something you can do well into your 80s and even your 90s. If you are struggling already and have already experienced this limitation, it is time to get to work! A little misunderstanding when it comes to flexibility; to gain mobility or keep mobility in your joints the formula has three components. They are strength training, cardio, and flexibility /mobility training. If you were to do only stretching and mobility training, you would only get so far. So much of the time we experience these limitations because of lack of movement and lack of strength. So you can stretch and flexibility train all you want, but if you are not including strength and cardio, you will still have limitations.

Cardio For Cardiovascular Health

A healthy heart, is obviously very important. Good old “get your heart rate up“ is still great for your heart and much needed. The way you do cardio after 40 is definitely different though! It’s not going for a run, or burpees, or a rowing machine. Keeping in mind all the other aspects of what the female body needs and responds to after 40. You want something low-impact that will have your joints in mind. You will want to keep your pelvic floor and core in mind. And just as we went over above, cardio is part of your flexibility training! Keeping your muscles warm and the joints oiled is going to help them move in the right ways.

Stress Increases Fat Storage and Weakens The Immune system - Learn How to Manage

Ahh stress! It never goes away, so let’s manage it. So many different techniques to do this. A very easy and immediate way is breathing. Breathing can immediately calm and reset your nervous system. You can do your breathing techniques anytime, anywhere, regardless of the situation you can take back control with your breath. Turn off the flight or fight response. Maybe you need something more? Something like learning and practicing meditation. Stress increases pain, it increases fat storage, affects your sleep, it weakens your immune system, so it is very important to have stress management at every stage in life.

Support With Life’s Transitions

Not everyone is going to understand what you are going through at this stage in life that comes with so many different stages right? Being part of a group or a community in the same or similar stage of life is going to be helpful. To see that you are not alone in your struggles, to see other women in your situation succeed! To see other women in your situation have a setback and still come back and succeed! You are not in the stage of life where you necessarily care about how you look in a bikini. It’s important to see the gains you CAN STILL MAKE after 40, 50, 60,70 and beyond. The goals of HOW YOU FEEL and HOW YOU CAN INDEPENDENTLY LIVE AND MOVE. It's important to understand that whether or not you lose weight, working on these aspects as a woman over 40 will put you in a better place! You are increasing the quality of your life. You are increasing your life expectancy. Don’t surround yourself with a crowd whose goals are so much different than yours. This can be discouraging and make you feel like a failure when you are not.

Support to Stay Motivated

Motivation comes and goes. You are not always going to be motivated, it comes in waves. This is why you cannot rely on this to keep you going. You need accountability bottom line. This does not mean an accountability partner, this does not work. Why? It’s human nature. If one of you says, “We don’t really need to do this today, right? Let’s skip today and pick up again later.” And the other person will agree and a pattern of skipping is now put into motion. If you work with a coach or a trainer, it might go something more like this. You might say “I’m too tired today, I'm just not feeling up to it.“ Then your trainer would give you a suggestion on what to do. Tailor your plan to what your body needs on that day. Maybe a different style of training for that day, keeping you on the path and not wandering off too far. This is so important because Life is not black and white and neither is your fitness and health journey. It is always changing and you always have circumstances to work around. If you only work on things when you feel like it and are motivated, you will never achieve anything. You just need a guide to help you navigate. It’s always ok to take a detour, just keep going.

Support With Nutrition

Another very overwhelming category. Nutrition is very personal. Not only for age groups but for each individual. It will only be a bonus to have guidance in this area.

Find Joy in This Process

This is what will keep you going! Keep everything tied together and an appreciation of where your body has been, where it is now, and where it can still go. If you surround yourself with those who say ‘This is how it is’ and fall into this settled mindset, then that’s where you will fall as well. If you surround yourself with others who are encouraging and having fun and learning and excited about all the newfound information they learned about their body and newfound strength they created, then you too will find this and keep going because you have found the joy in the process.

Find a Place That Includes All These Options Together

You can find all these programs, several options in fact. The only downside is they are all separate. You can go to therapy for the pelvic floor, your local boutique gym for personalized strength training, an online program for pilates a studio for yoga, and office visits for nutrition. In the end, you have several memberships that leave you lost and not using all of them because it is impossible to keep up! This is so time-consuming and it is expensive. BUT, you do need ALL of those options to THRIVE, So what do you do? Choose a couple. As described above, you can see how they all intertwine with each other and play off each other so it is not ideal or even doable to have several memberships to cover all these needs.
You need to find a place that includes ALL these options!

And There IS Such a Place - A One Stop Solution

I want to share with you these messages I received, so you can hear exactly what is happening at this one-stop solution for women over 40:

Diane sent me this message after being with us for only 2 months:
Julie sent me the following message after being with us for 2 months. She’s been following the beginner LIVE program just 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ For more real testimonials from real women, visit HERE

There is a place for you, that includes EVERYTHING mentioned about what is needed for a woman over 40, all in one place!
All with the personal touch and attention to what you need.
The sensitivity to your needs in this age group.
Variety in times for all across the U.S.
The flexibility to do on your own schedule with On-demand workouts.
Unlimited support from the trainers, the staff, and the community.
A true powerhouse built by women for women and kept running by the thriving community of women at Olakaola.

What makes all this possible is being able to offer this solution virtually. Meaningful connections and support that would otherwise never exist. Just as you have heard with these women’s words, you can feel a difference, a significant change with just 3, 30 minute sessions a week. No travel time, no prep time, just 30 minutes.

To speak directly with me and find out IF this is the right solution for you, schedule a free consultation click here

About Cheryl Coppa

✔️ A certified Core Confidence Specialist (Core and Pelvic Floor retraining)

✔️ A certified Personal Trainer specializing in women's fitness over 40

✔️ Low-Pressure Fitness / Hypopressive certified by creator Dr. Tamara Rial

✔️ Pre/postnatal corrective exercise specialist

✔️Instructor of the Pelvic Floor Health program, Ola Ka Ola

✔️ 40 years young, wife & mother of 3

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