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Can a 60-Year-Old Woman Get in Shape?

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Is this an achievable goal? What are realistic goals to set in this half of life? Trainer Cheryl Coppa who leads the Beginners' Program in Ola Ka Ola, illustrates why it’s NEVER too late to start working out (even if you’ve never done so before)

By Cheryl Coppa

YES, it is an achievable goal and more important than ever to get started! It’s important because the pains of aging continue and build UNLESS we do something about it. Maybe you have previously put your health and fitness on the back burner and you might be discouraged with some negative self-talk saying/thinking things like:
“I will never have my pre-baby body”
“I can never put in the time to look like her”
“I’ve tried all the diets”
“I have already tried all the fitness stuff”
“I’ll just wear baggy clothes”
“I don’t have the time”
“I don’t have the energy to do this”
“I just don’t enjoy fitness”
Can you relate to any of these statements?

Before we can get started let’s get this straight - your body is different now, and that does not mean you cannot look amazing and feel amazing. Unfortunately through social media, we have false images of what it means to be fit and how to get there. All this can leave you feeling discouraged and feeling that it is completely out of reach and not even worth getting started.

Let’s be REAL About What we Want and Need at This Point in Life and Most Importantly HOW to Get There

Do these pains and solutions sound more realistic and doable? Let’s set realistic goals such as:
🎯 Lose 5 lbs at a time (I always suggest 1/2 lbs per week)
🎯 More energy
🎯 Decreased belly fat
🎯 Being able to play with your kids and grandkids
🎯 Being able to move without pain
🎯 More feelings of happiness and success
🎯 Increased bone density
🎯 increased balance to avoid falls
🎯 increased flexibility to help with all the above
🎯 improved quality of sleep
🎯 Higher self-esteem
🎯 Increased feelings of happiness and control
🎯 No leaking of urine
🎯 Enjoyable intimacy
🎯 No back pain

More real-life goals, right? And as you will experience some of these goals come to pass quicker than you think!
This is motivating, isn’t it? Feeling good then fuels you to keep going.

So, What’s the Best Way to Go About this?

You need to get moving! Movement is medicine as you will find out, and just like medicine, it comes with a long list of side effects, BUT these ones are positive!
Starting your health and fitness journey can be as easy as joining any LIVE class at Ola Ka Ola that fits your availability. Especially if you are unsure of what your goal is.
👉🏽 Since we have a variety of trainers in different time zones, we have LIVE classes going all day long.
👉🏽 You could also browse the OnDemand library as all LIVE classes are recorded.
👉🏽 You can try different categories to get an idea of what you like. Any class you attend is going to address the specifics that we need as women 40, 50, 60, and beyond. This would mean heart health, strength training, balance and flexibility.

Here are a Couple of Common Examples of Some Goals and Solutions to go With Them

Example 1

💬 “I have never worked out before. I have low back pain, I leak when I cough or sneeze and I need to lose weight. Sex is painful, I don't enjoy it anymore. I have low energy and I don’t know where to start safely.“

👉🏽 The BEST START that is also safe and effective would be The Core & Pelvic Floor program paired with The Beginner program.
What would this look like?
This would be three to four 30-minute sessions a week.
1 Core and Pelvic Floor class and then 2-3 beginner classes.
The beginner classes can be strength, cardio (HIIT), stretch, or pilates. You have options based on what you like and don’t like.
A strength class would be a must, as building muscle is going to help with ALL the things we need addressed as adult women (fighting belly fat, fighting osteoporosis, better sleep, increased balance, etc.)
This is a great START for any beginner or a woman starting again. This will make sure you start with a solid foundation as you build strength and confidence and the plan can change as you feel comfortable.

Example 2

💬 “I’m not a beginner but I need help staying consistent. I want to lose 10- 30 lbs and I want to be stronger and I want to feel good.”

👉🏽 You have options for this. Let me give you a couple of different ways you can go about this: Overall you would want to get 4-6 30-minute routines in. The different workout options can be based on what kind of training you like. See two simple examples:

Fat Loss Plan #1

4-5 Full Body strength (or HIIT) classes
1-2 Yoga, stretch, or pilates classes

Fat Loss Plan #2

1 Leg day (and/or booty)
1 Upper Body Day
1-2 Cardio or HIIT Day
1 Full Body Strength Day
1 Stretch, yoga, or pilates

Get Your own Personalized Plan at Ola Ka Ola From one of the Trainers

These are just some examples of popular plans we have members following. These can be altered to fit you if you have more specific goals such as toner arms or toner legs. Certain workouts can be switched out as your goals change, and this is something to always expect!
Our goals and our circumstances are always going to change so there is no need to ever feel defeated as you switch your plan for what works best for you at any given time. You can get your own personalized plan right here at Ola Ka Ola from one of the trainers. Being kind to yourself is also part of this process. Any start is a good start. Anything is better than nothing. Even if you start with just one class, your body will crave more, and one class will turn into two classes.
Movement fuels movement you just need to start!

The time commitments are small, especially since there is no travel involved. You save what is most valuable, your TIME! No time wasted and by addressing your pains, you are improving the time you do have in life!
More strength, more control, more happiness, and better health mentally and physically!

Anti-Aging is NOT Found in a Pill, it is Found in MOVEMENT!

It’s common to think “I can’t do this from home”, this was the thought of many women at first and after trying it, they did not want to do it any other way with the simplicity and the time, and money saved.

The team and I are ready to help you create a plan you LOVE. A plan that fits your schedule, and a plan that gets you in the best shape of your life. Your training can be done LIVE or OnDemand or a mix of both! Because we know life is busy and unpredictable, this is why the Ola Ka Ola solution has worked for SO many women!

Now, it’s YOUR Turn!


About Cheryl Coppa

✔️ A certified Core Confidence Specialist (Core and Pelvic Floor retraining)

✔️ A certified Personal Trainer specializing in women's fitness over 40

✔️ Low-Pressure Fitness / Hypopressive certified by creator Dr. Tamara Rial

✔️ Pre/postnatal corrective exercise specialist

✔️Instructor of the Pelvic Floor Health program, Ola Ka Ola

✔️ 40 years young, wife & mother of 3


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