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Is The Way You Are Sitting Contributing To Your Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?

Make these very simple and easy adjustments to save and preserve your pelvic floor health

By Cheryl Coppa

YES! 100% the way you sit is contributing to your pelvic floor dysfunction. Let’s take a look at what is happening when you take a seat. Most of us, when we go to sit down, we almost act as if we are tucking our skirts and then we take a seat. We end up in a tucked pelvis position, so we are sitting on our tailbone. The result is that we end up putting extra pressure on our pelvic floor, our tailbone, and our low back.

A simple and much more comfortable adjustment will prevent you from making your current situation worse. Or, if you don't have a dysfunction, preserve your pelvic floor health by adjusting the way you sit.

Pelvic Floor dysfunction is not always because of trauma, pregnancy, and birth. Many times it's because of the improper way we are carrying our pelvis continually over the years.

Let’s make this simple adjustment - When you take a seat, act as if you are going into a squat. Hips back, booty cheeks blossoming. When your pelvis is in a neutral position everything is happy. No extra pressure and it should feel good. You should have a small natural curve in your low back and be on your sitz bones (sitting bones) rather than your tailbone. To be very blunt to know for sure you are in the neutral position, you should feel your vulva making contact with the surface you are sitting on. (see video below)

How you should sit right in the car - a very quick tutorial

Very simple easy adjustments WILL save and preserve your pelvic floor health. Your pelvis is the foundation of your core and center of the body, and everything is connected! If we can keep these muscles and skeletal structures strong, this will help with overall health and longevity. So go ahead and take a seat, just make that little adjustment.CURRENT MEMBERS enrolled in Core & Pelvic Floor Restore Program - Here is this week's LIVE schedule or follow ON-DEMAND at your convenience ~~

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Cheryl Coppa


About Cheryl Coppa

Cheryl Coppa is a wife, mother of three, core confidence specialist, glute specialist, personal

trainer, and a Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist. Cheryl's fitness journey didn’t even start until she was pregnant with child # 3. She knows what it’s like to feel sick and tired and start from scratch.

Cheryl is leading the Pelvic Floor Restore program in Ola Ka Ola and has changed the lives of hundreds of women. In her unique pelvic health floor program, she's been providing evaluations and teaching her unique techniques to help women get their freedom back.

Read here what her participants have to say about the program


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