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The First Ever Wellness Program That Easily Helps You Fight Age-Related Changes In Your Body

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Poor Sleep? Peeing When Sneezing? Painful Sex? Hot Flashes? Balance Problems? Osteoporosis?

There's something you can do about it!

Most women are often hesitant to report or too scared to face age-related changes in their bodies associated with menopause. They spend the new chapter in their lives assuming that there's nothing they can do to relieve the symptoms, and that this is just something they need to live with.

Start Your Wellness Journey With A Supportive Midlifer Tribe

As women, fellow midlifers, we don't need to go through those years of menopause alone!

Our team of industry experts developed specific programs to help women manage together the many obstacles middle age poses in just ONE place.

Hot flashes, achy joints, painful sex, peeing when sneezing, balance issues, osteoporosis, mood changes and much more.

Together, with a powerful midlifer tribe, we formed our new home, and your place is waiting for you here. Your tribe will be a huge part of your health transformation.

Real-Time - In Just One Click

To better serve you, our PROGRAMS were built with very specific goals. You can now join in real-time and with just 1 click our various sessions, specially designed with you in mind.

Our trainers will provide motivation and close guidance to reach your goals.

Block Your Calendar For These Programs - Just Like a Scheduled Doctor's Appointment

Training is working towards a specific goal, with a specific plan. For example, if you have a particular ailment that needs to be addressed, you follow a strategic plan to work on it. When you have a goal of building a particular body part, you follow a specific plan to make that happen. With a training program, you have a starting point and an endpoint. This is going to help you measure your progress - you know exactly what you are training for, and none of it is random.

Following a training program is also effective in keeping you accountable and keeping it in your schedule. Your training is planned out and put into your schedule just like an appointment with your doctor or a meeting with your colleagues. You have set appointments for yourself, and your trainer to MAKE THESE GOALS happen!

Following a program is also going to give you the empowerment and confidence that comes with COMPLETING a program. Each time you finish, you know you put in that work and are ready for the next level or the next goal.

Check out our game changing programs for midlife women.

You won't find anything like this anywhere else!

Pelvic Health Program

Pelvic girdle pain, prolapse, painful sex, doming of the abdomen when in a crunch position, back pain. There's a solution! Learn more here

Fat Loss Program

Train Specifically to Burn Fat! You Have A Goal. We Have A Plan For You!

Learn more here

Pilates for Menopause Symptoms

Poor Sleep? Difficulty With Stress Management? Achy Joints? Poor Nutrition and Hot Flashes?

Good news! This program will address these and other menopause symptoms. Learn more here

Functional Balance

If You Suffer From Osteoporosis, Trusting Your Balance Is Essential! If We Don't Practice It - We Lose It.

This program will help you regain your confidence in your balance. Learn more here

The Cleansing Program

Time For Spring Clean! The Natural Cleansing Method To Boost Your Metabolism and Improve Your Health. Learn more here

Beginner Program

Starting A Fitness Program May Be One of The Best Things You Can Do For Your Health.

There's nothing to be afraid of when you're part of this amazing community of women. Learn more here

Yoga For Everyone

The Benefits of Yoga Are Almost Endless!

The beauty of yoga is that you don’t have to be a yogi to reap the benefits. Whether you are young or old, out-of-shape or fit, yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body. Don’t be intimidated by yoga's difficult terminology and complicated poses. Yoga is for everyone! Learn more here

The Booty Program

Build Your Booty & Enjoy All The Benefits That Come With It. With Minimal Equipment. Learn more here

Double A - Crazy Abs & Arms Program

Two of our popular programs are joining forces for a CRAZY intense ARMS & ABS workout!

Learn more here

What are you waiting for? Choose your program and get the life you want!


The Ola Ka Ola team

1 Comment

Mar 07, 2022

I am part of this tribe that we all call home. Thank you for these amazing programs

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