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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Your Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

(but were too busy or too embarrassed to ask)

FAQ Find the Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on how to Identify and Address Your Pelvic Floor Dysfunction


How to identify you have Pelvic Floor Dysfunction? Usually, you will know. Your body will be signaling you with pain, which could be low back pain, painful sex, hip pain, pelvic girdle pain even sciatica pain. Frequent urination, urgency, not able to empty all the way. Prolapse, that feeling of a bulge or heaviness. Diastasis recti also fall under this, this would show up as bulging in the abdomen. Will it go away on its own? It will NOT go away on its own. The longer you leave this unaddressed the worse it will get. Can I fix this without surgery? YES!! Even if you choose to have surgery you still need to be aware of basic anatomy and tools on how to keep your core and pelvic floor functioning. If not, another problem will arise. How long does it take to fix my pelvic floor dysfunction? This will vary depending on the severity of the dysfunction. ALL the women that have adopted the basic techniques (alignment and core breathing) have experienced relief within the first 3 weeks of this program. Why is the CORE BREATH so important? This is a crucial and basic component because this is what keeps the CORE connected. The Pelvic Floor is the foundation of your core. This restores FUNCTION to the core and pelvic floor and keeps it that way. It will become automatic and you won't even have to think about it. If I do the Core Breath, Is that enough to fix this? Almost enough! Releasing all the surrounding muscles is going to be very important as well. So learning HOW to do that and HOW to identify what you need is going to be important. Can I just do Kegels? No. There is a time and a place for Kegels and it is not now. When dysfunction is showing up and maybe you know or have been told by your healthcare provider that you have a weak pelvic floor. Before you can strengthen, you have to reconnect, release and retrain. 75% of women are not even doing Kegels correctly. When the time comes in the program to build strength we do it through the CORE BREATH which is more complete. If you jump right in and do Kegels and have a tight pelvic floor, you are going to make the dysfunction worse. How much time does it take to complete this program? If you were to follow the suggested training ( 2, 30-minute sessions plus a small practice video per week ) it would take 3 - 4 months. What if I can't make that time commitment? We know! That's why we are here, Life is life! (just like our name Olakaola ~ Life goes on ) This program is designed for your busy life and we know that knowledge is power and we want you to be equipped to be YOUR BEST ADVOCATE. If you can only do 1 session a week, then do 1 session, and what you learn in each session just put into practice in your everyday life. When you are not able to attend the LIVE, follow the On Demand. Why do you give me 12 months of access to the program? We want you to have the freedom and confidence to have control and strength of your Core and Pelvic Floor. We don't want to put limits on you. FREEDOM to go at your own pace with no limits. We also know that once the function is restored you need to keep it that way and we want you to be fully equipped to do so. What if I need help to make sure I am doing it right? We are here for you every step of the way. Just a message away. What other steps are in the program? After the foundational steps are mastered we move on to deep strengthening work. We also address how to work WITH your pelvic floor not against it moving forward in real-life situations. This all takes place in PHASE 3. The final PHASE is PHASE 4, and we like to call this the POWER TOOL in your toolbox. We learn Hypopressives also known as Low-Pressure Fitness. This is where we work on the involuntary contraction of our core & pelvic floor muscles and this technique also slims the waistline, a no-sweat technique. An amazing technique is so powerful for all ages.

We, and other professionals, are working to close this gap in women's health and wellness.

This should be basic information for anyone with a pelvic floor.


You can be your best source of healing once you make this connection and learn these techniques. Once you do, pass it on to your daughters and granddaughters and hopefully, they don't have to suffer the same as we did.

ADDITIONAL questions? Reach out to me anytime, happy to answer your questions -


Cheryl Coppa


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About Your Core Specialist - Cheryl Coppa

Cheryl Coppa is a wife, mother of three, core confidence specialist, glute specialist, and personal trainer. Cheryl's fitness journey didn’t even start until she was pregnant with child # 3. She knows

what it’s like to feel sick and tired and start from scratch.

Cheryl is leading the Pelvic Floor Restore program in Ola Ka Ola and has changed the lives of hundreds of women. In her unique pelvic health floor program, she's been providing evaluations and teaching her unique techniques to help women get their freedom back by improving their symptoms.

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